Domestic Worker Employment Contract Template South Africa

If you`re looking to hire a domestic worker in South Africa, it`s important to have a solid employment contract in place. This not only protects you and your employee, but it also sets clear expectations and can prevent misunderstandings or disputes down the line.

To help you get started, we`ve put together a domestic worker employment contract template for South Africa. Keep in mind that this is just a starting point and you should consult with a legal professional to ensure your contract complies with all relevant laws and regulations.


This section should include basic information about you, the employer, and the domestic worker, such as your names, addresses, and contact information. It should also state the start date of employment and any agreed-upon probationary period.

Job Description

Clearly outline the duties and responsibilities of the domestic worker. This could include tasks such as cleaning, laundry, cooking, childcare, and any other duties specific to your household. Make sure the job description is thorough but also realistic and achievable.

Hours of Work

Specify the regular work hours, days of the week, and any overtime or weekend work requirements. Make sure to include provisions for breaks and meal times. Also note any flexibility in the schedule, such as occasional evening or weekend work.

Salary and Benefits

This section should specify the domestic worker`s salary (either hourly or monthly), as well as any benefits such as medical aid, pension, or bonuses. You should also include any deductions such as taxes or UIF contributions, and how these will be calculated and paid.

Leave and Time Off

Outline the domestic worker`s entitlement to annual leave, sick leave, and any other time off. Make sure to include any notice periods required, as well as any restrictions on taking leave during peak periods or busy times.


Include provisions for termination of the contract, and specify the notice period required by both the employer and employee. You should also include any grounds for immediate termination, such as gross misconduct or serious breach of contract.

Confidentiality and Non-Disclosure

Include a clause on confidentiality and non-disclosure, requiring the domestic worker to keep confidential any information about your household or business that they may come into contact with during their employment.


End the contract with a section for signatures from both the employer and the domestic worker. Make sure to keep a copy of the signed contract on file for future reference.

By using this domestic worker employment contract template for South Africa, you can ensure your employment relationship is based on clear expectations and legal compliance. Remember, employment law in South Africa is complex, and it`s always best to seek professional advice if you`re unsure about any aspect of the contract.